The beauty of Yen stream, Perfume Pagoda in autumn season

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Huong Son is always beautiful in four seasons, but the most beautiful time in the place is autumn no festival, the place is more peaceful and enchanted.

Yen Stream (or Yen Vi) is a stream in tourist attractions of Perfume Pagoda (Huong Tich commnue, My Duc district, Hanoi)

The stream is named as Yen steam because its shape looks like tail of flying canary bird. Yen stream iss 4km long, from Duc harbor, tourists can get on boat to go to Huong Son. Yen stream is the only way for sightseeing scenery of tourists in Perfume Pagoda.

Lover couples always choose the place for taking their wedding photos with the romantic scenery, especially in lotus flower season.

If you go to Perfume Pagoda in festival, Yen stream is always crowed with boats and tourists. Thousands tourists will be pouring into the pagoda to pray for themselves and their family.

But without festival, Yen stream is peaceful with blossoming lotus flower to make color for blue sky and immense stream.


Arriving to Yen stream in autumn season, the hustle and bustle seems to be disappeared, instead of peaceful and quiet atmosphere. At the weekend, more tourists come here but you can easily find your own space for boating and sightseeing.

The most attractive beauty for tourists is lotus flowers covering along Yen stream. 

Lotus flowers are floating to make the stream more splendid in sunny day.
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