How to avoid losing your luggage in the airport

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Stuffs like money, jewelry, watch, cellphone, camera are what you should bring in your handbag instead. It will be much safer than consign those.

1. Put down your address and contact number on your luggagge. 
Mistaking or mislaying luggage could happen at any airport. To avoid losing your luggage, you’d better have a small note or card that contains your name, address and phone number on the luggage. Therefore, under bad circumstances, airport staff could contact and send it back to you. It is recommended that when you consign your luggage, you should remember the staff who has done the procedure for you.

2. Review your luggage consignment number.

You have to check the merchandise consignment number pinned with your luggage before boarding, make sure whether your full name and address on every baggage are correct to avoid your luggage misplaced or mislaid.

3. Take a picture or memorize objects in your luggage.
In case of mislaid luggage, airport staffs will ask you about the baggage appearance or its color, noticeable mark, or object inside of the suitcase. Therefore, to avoid bad circumstances, you memorize objects inside the baggage’s color and shape. To be more careful, you should take a picture of your baggage both inside and outside just in case.
4. Avoid placing valuable objects in the checked luggage.
Stuffs like money, jewelry, watch, cellphone, camera are what you should bring in your handbag instead. It will be much safer than consign those. Prepare firsthand will help you saving your time rearranging your stuffs before consignment. At the moment, maximum compensation price of the airlines for a lost baggage is 3.300USD.

5. Get travel insurance.
Many tourists nowadays choose to buy travel insurance to ensure the best in compensation in case any incident could happen on the trip. There are now many travel insurance pack, you should learn about their articles to get the most suitable pack to your condition and financial resources.

6. When you lost your luggage, immediately report to the airline.

If you can’t find your luggage, don’t leave the luggage area and come find the service counter or luggage information office (Lost and Found Center) to report that. The file include luggage card, ticket and identity papers…

You should describe your luggage in details such as: color, label and any other traits in the report. Keep the copy of this report and all the necessary number to keep track. After receiving customer’s report, airline report will give you the lost luggage report and this is the essential legal document for you to proceed the next steps.

7. File a complaint to the airport if you don’t see you luggage.

After you report missing luggage to the airport, and those were found, they will send it back to your house or inform you to come back to airport and get it. Instantly check your luggage to see if everything is untouched. If you keep waiting and nothing else happen, you can call or file a complaint directly to where they settle mislaid luggage report procedure.


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