Price of VATC SleepPod - Noi Bai airport hotels

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VATC SleepPod – Hotel at Noi Bai Airport would like to thank you for your interest in our services and notice the price as follows:


Terminal 1

Terminal 2





        130,000 VND

        150,000 VND  

          160,000 VND 

Whole day

Check the price at the website

Note: Not including VAT & service charge

You can book rooms by the hour or by day (24 hour) in website - Unlike other booking sites, you can save money when book rooms with because we apply the half hour rate for booking system by the hour and when you buy a full-day package (cost is equivalent to the room rate of 5 hours stay) you are entitled to use 24 hours instead of 22 hours as the other hotels (usually the other hotels apply the check-in time at 2.00 pm, and check-out time at 12.00 noon).

 For the daily price, please visit our website and fill the necessary information.

To book a room at Hotel Noi Bai Airport, you can visit the website or call the hotline (0983798 833) or directly contact the Receptionist in Airports for assistance.

In addition, we are also sell rooms on the prestigious websites as Agoda., Expedia, MyTour, Hostelworld, Ixigo, Safarinow, iVIVU, ... However, we still recommend that you should use the website – to book rooms to get a lot of incentives (on room rates, gifts, other promotions) that the OTA channel do not have.

To find a room on the hotel booking website, you just type in the keyword "Sleep Pod" or "VATC" for searching the Noibai Airport Hotel.

                              Price of VATC SleepPod - Noi Bai Airport Hotel

                                                                       VATC on website

Furthermore, if you use the cards issued by banks such as Vietinbank, PVcombank, Nam Á Bank ..., you can get 10% discount of the payment via POS at the front desk.

                             Price of VATC SleepPod - Noi Bai Airport Hotel

                                                                                          Single Room

                            Price of VATC SleepPod - Noi Bai Airport Hotel.

                                                                                      Twin room

When you use the SleepPod service, you can save your money (from 10-15%) on each invoice of services at Ngoc Suong restaurant and Confetti restaurant. To see the Double benefit, please come here.

                           Price of VATC SleepPod - Noi Bai Airport Hotel

                                                   Voucher discount 15% of Confetti Restaurent 

We also specialize in online trading of souvenirs, gifts, the regional specialties of Vietnam ( with quality and the cheaper price you buy at the stalls in the airport. You just simply call the hotline, pay for the purchase through the website, we will ship your order before your flight procedures.

                             Price of VATC SleepPod - Noi Bai Airport Hotel.

                                                                             Product of VAT SleepPod

With the flexible price policy of VATC SleepPod, you just buy for yourself a time insurance package with a lot of benefits for each trip or your business.

Thank you very much for your reading & sharing! Have a nice day!



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