SleepPod kicks off for the first time ever in Vietnam

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Sleep Box has been very popular in many cities of other countries all over the world such as in UK, Germany, Russia, US, Japan … and attracted a great deal of customers in the process. And now, this model has appeared in Vietnam with Noi Bai International Airport being the very first place to apply this model in Vietnam.

Imagine that you are in a strange city, and you are not native. What would you do if you could not make a reservation at any hotel? With Sleep Box, anybody can stay overnight at the airport safely with reasonable price in case of emergency or if you have to wait a long time with your luggage. The need to rest and to work in the airport has been so rocketed continuously that many service provider firms are planning to expand their market.


Sleep Box has become popular in Japan. The price for each pod is just between $30 and $50 per night. Because of this “soft” price, SleepPod gets incredible interest from Japan tourists and businessmen. Each of sleeping boxes is equipped with TV, alarm clock, lamp and so on. The outside of Sleep Box is covered with drape or screen. Customer can use public bathroom and toilet outside. Moreover, many places supply relatively large public bathroom and steam room.


Placed in Munich Airport (Germany), Sleep Box of Napcabs are self-serving cabins and each covers the area of 4sq.m. These six cabins all have beds, working desks, air-conditioner, Internet Wire and TV. The price for each cab is about $38 for 2 hours.


In US, Minute Suites supplies Sleep Boxes to serve customer in Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta in 2009 and Philadelphia International Airport in 2011. In these boxes, customer can lie on sofa instead of bed and watch High-Definition TV. A work desk, chair and Wifi Connection can offer maximum convenience of a regular office for customer with the price of $30 per hour.


In UK, SleepPod was installed in two airports: Heathrow and Gatwick in 2007. These Sleep Boxes are equipped with single bed or double bed, entertainment appliances, working desk and a bathroom, covered by the area of 7-10 sq.m and cost $39 for 4 hours or $93 for a night. Despite of the high cost, this service has been much in demand still.


Sleepbox of Russia with the area of 4sq.m has been supplied by Sheremetyeyo (Moscow) since 2011. With price rate of $15 per hour, customers can lie down, take a nap, read or watch TV.



Sleepbox appeared in Shaanxi Airport, China in 2012. Each box is 2.7m in height and 3sq.m in width, is equipped with single bed, TV, workdesk, readlamp and Wifi. To enjoy this service, customers have to pay $10 per hour and are discounted equivalent with hours of usage.

Việt Nam

VATC SleepPod is 4 sq.m wide and 3 meter high. Each is equipped with entertainment appliances and basic items of a mini-hotel such as bed, desk, blanket, bed cover, pillow, mattress clothes hangers, phone, wifi, alarm clock, manual book…

This is the first time Vietnam has unveiled SleepPod to serve customer in Noi Bai International Airport. It is time for travelers who frequently move by airway to forget long miserable waiting hours on the iron bench, instead, can lie down and rest in a peaceful place.


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