Hotel in Noi Bai Airport

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SleepPod – model of a mini-hotel in the center of Noi Bai International Airport

SleepPod set in the center of 3rd Floor, Entry of Terminal 1, Noi Bai International Airport

SleepPod with the area of 4sq.m and the height of 3m each was carefully designed and manufactured to ensure all the needs for relaxation or entertainment.



SleepPod is designed beautifully from inside to outside and equipped with full of essential facilities

Each SleepPod is equipped with entertainment appliances and basic items that a mini-hotel could afford such as the bed, wardrobe, blanket, sheet, pillow, clothes hanger, phone, wifi, alarm clock, manual book… In addition, customers will get the free drink and snack while enjoying SleepPod.

Twin Pod with 2 beds with blanket, pillow; 2 Work Desks and Others for Daily Life

Single Pod with 1 bed with blanket, pillow; 1 Work Desk and Others for Daily Life


Alarm Clock, Reading Lamp, Snack and Drinks, Tissue-paper, TV Remote, Socket, Window Drape, Manual Book,… 

 The space inside SleepPod is clear and cool. Guest can close up the drape so as to keep you private and quiet

Especially, SleepPod has a guide book, mentioning on well-known places in Vietnam such as Hanoi, Da Nang, Quang Ninh, Sapa,... This helps tourists, especially foreigners, understand more about Vietnam

Phone for communication

Nice, Useful Work Desk and Bed

SleepPod is cared for even great detailed points

TV, Wifi, Staircase Up to 2nd Floor

2nd Floor Interior: Bed, Blanket, Bed Cover, Pillow, Mattress, Bedside Lamp, Window Drape, Fan,...

SleepPod is the perfect solution for customers who want to have a private space for relaxation and entertainment or working separated from the noise, light, and crowds at the  Noi Bai International Airport.

We hope to give visitors new experience with this innovative service.
To get more information, please contact with VATC SleepPod Staff:

2nd Floor, Terminal T1 and Terminal 2 of Noi Bai Internation Airport

Hotline: (+84) 983 798 833

Tel: (+84) 43 584 3636 / (+84) 43 584 3838



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