Brilliant Tips to choose your airplane seat

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Your journey will be less exhausted if you could land a suitable seat on the plane. Some of these following tips could be able to help you find a suitable seat with no extra cost.

Usually there is no accurate seat information printed on the airplane tickets. Not until you finish check-in procedure, that your seat information is confirmed. These are several essential things could help you find a seat that you’ll enjoy:

-    What you should do is to Check-in earlier than everyone. Firstly, say hi to the staff at the check-in counter and ask for an isle-seat or one that is close to the wind. Although reaction engine is set on the airplane wing, but only the seats behind engine tail will have to suffer the loud.

-    If you book your ticket online, it’s much easier. Access the airlines you chose’s website, take a look at seat map and pick a seat that you want. Notice that those seats in the front are the best ones.

-    If you can’t pick the seat, maybe the flight is overbooked.


-    If you are likely to get sick, pick the seats in the middle of plane at the wing set because this is the best place for people with this problem.

-    Also, because of its structure for long-distance with 4 reactive engines, the plane has longer rear cabin. The longer the rear cabin is, the more the vibration and fluctuation between the rear cabin and the wing can be. Avoid the last seat-line because these seats are too near to the engine so that it is very noisy back there plus you are can’t lean the chair back. More than that, you will even feel dizzier and be likely to get sick more than when you are on the seats over the wings set.

-    Passengers, who are too tall or over-weight, should ask the ticket-staff to organize those seats near the exit, where the distance between seat-lines, especially exit seats are always larger. However, this request might not always be acquired.

-    Most of the passengers pick the E class (Economy Class).


At a more expensive price range, business class seat is reasonable choice though don’t have your own space but still has pretty extensive space.

If you have plenty of money, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get yourself a first class seat, with this seat you will have a fancy dining table, a fancy recliner, as well as comfortably enjoying a nap and more means of entertainment (music, movie, magazine...)

With those regular passengers, who have flew out on the same flight over and over again, will surely know about the seat maps as 3-3, 2-3 or 2-4-2 depends on the kind of plane. Based on this, they will ask the ticket-seller to arrange them to sit on 4A (window seat) or seat 10C (entrance seat). However, you can ask to be seated on these positions such as entrance, window, front and close-entrance, front or close to the window.

 Some airlines also supply Premium Economy Class (W Class). This area is similar to E Class but it provides additional entertainment, better services, more relaxation and tastier meal…. like Japan Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Air France, Thailand Air.


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