10 Best Places To Visit In The USA

  1. New York city
    New York City is famous for theaters, restaurants, and museums. This mega city is full of iconic places, infrastructures, and areas. When you will walk through the city you will get the entertainment of Hollywood movies. There are so many things to see in the New Work that it should not be missed. Such as Times Square, Grand Central Station, the Empire State Building, Central Park. In fact, you will get wonderful sites at every turn. You should not be missed also Broadway, 5th Avenue, Chrysler building, Rockefeller Plaza and of course the Statue of Liberty. Sightsee at day time with an extremely delicious meal, a Broadway show in the evening and much shopping. This is the real enjoyment of New York City.
  2. San Francisco
    San Francisco is a city where you get a warm reception from local residents all the time. It is a wonderful city in northern California and famous as a tourist spot for tourists. The main attraction of the city is the Golden Gate Bridge. You are allowed to walk, bike ride and drive on this famous suspension bridge. You can also take the photograph of the stunning views of the bridge. This city is a perfect destination for families, couples, and singles also. The famous sites of the city to visit are Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz, San Francisco Bay and much more. The delicious outdoor dining, charming streets, beautiful views make this city such a fabulous place to visit. Usually, summer is the perfect time to visit but the climate of the city stay mild throughout the year.    
  3. Las Vegas
    Las Vegas is well-known as a city of light. A number of casinos make Las Vegas more popular to the visitors. The most popular and famous casinos of the city are the Bellagio, MGM Grand, Caesars Palace etc. The lavish performances, showgirls, and gambling will attract you more to these casinos. These offers are open for almost all age’s people who feel interested in them. These are the special appeal of this glittering city. The endless options of entertainments have filled the city. Others exploring places of the city are Hoover Dam, Death Valley National Park, Grand Canyon etc. All of these destinations are within day-tripping distance. This city is a great destination for a family tour.
  4. Walt Disney World
    The Walt Disney World is placed at Orlando, Florida. It is the best place to visit if you have kids with you. Visit this theme park is like a dream for all kids. A lot of parts are there to enjoy. Usually, the park remains open 24/7 but on many occasion, various events held at the park throughout the year. Especially before Christmas and thirty-first nights, the park decorates wonderfully. The main attractions of the park are Magic Kingdom Park, Disney’s Hollywood Studio, Epcot, Universal Orlando Resort, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, and Water Park. You and your kids can do many funs there like make a dining reservation, Disney character experience, enjoy various rides and more.
  5. Chicago
    Chicago is a city of museums cuisine and architecture. The climate of the city is a little bit windy and it is located in the Midwest. This city in the USA is a great option for a family or single trip. Chicago is very much famous for the unique style of pizzas and hot dogs, sports team and towering skyscrapers. It is in the third number on the counting of the largest city and it is a major hub for commerce, industry, and finance. The city is full of numerous amazing sites like Navy Pier, Sears Tower, and futuristic Millennium Park. Chicago is also famous for music also. The famous House music, Blues and Jazz have root in Chicago.
  6. Los Angeles
    Los Angeles is in the third number on the counting of the largest city which is located in California and surrounded by the mountains, Pacific Coast and valleys. The city is rich in own culture and known as “Entertainment Capital of the World”. You will definitely love to meet the film stars on Hollywood and visit their homes in Beverly Hills. The city is glamorous and dominated by pop culture. If you are a movie lover then maybe Hollywood is on the top of the list to visit, and the shopaholic has a lot of options also. Other famous places to visit are Venice Beach, La Brea Tar Pits, and Page Museum. The list is not finished here; you will be relaxed to visit the seafront city of Santa Monica.
  7. Miami
    Miami is located at the south of Florida. The city is full of culture, history and unique arts. Usually, Miami is familiar for the beachside destination but it is more than that indeed. The atmosphere of the city is wonderful than the other city in the state. Plenty of things to do will make your trip on Miami such as beach scene of the South Beach, the parade of sports cars in the evening, Art Deco District to remind the 1930s era and the Calle Ocho along Cuban in Little Havana. To make your trip more memorable and getting some unique experience visit the Everglades National park of Miami to see turtles, alligators and an array of birds in this wetlands area.
  8. New Orleans
    New Orleans is also located at the southern part of USA. It is a city of mixed culture. Spanish and strong French influences hare. Some fabulous places make this city special from others such as wonderful architectures of the French Quarter, Jazz music and Cajun and Creole cuisine. All these are made New Orleans a great destination for a trip alone or with family. The “Mardi Gras” is the largest celebration of New Orleans each calendar year. During this event the whole city decorated and light up, you will hear music everywhere and it seems that the celebration will never be ended. From December to May is the best time to visit New Orleans. Try to avoid June to November because it is quite hot.
  9. Washington D. C.
    Washington D. C. is the capital city of USA. Plenty of wonderful places are there at Washington D. C. and you will miss a lot if you do not include this destination in your tour plan. The most famous places of the city are the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Monument, National Mall and Veterans Memorials, National Air and Space Museum etc. The list is not over here, various theme museum makes the city more attractive to the visitor. The “Cherry Blossom Festival” held in every spring, is a wonderful time to visit Washington. The city becomes so colorful and a heavenly beauty is spread out all over.
  10. San Diego
    San Diego is another attraction for different kind of vacationers. This city is rich in Mexican Culture and famous for delicious seafood. The climate of the city remains mild throughout the year and this is one of the main cause that visitors loves to include this destination in their tour plan. The famous sightseeing locations of the city are the Balboa Park, SeaWorld, San Diego Zoo, Gaslamp Quarter, Seaport Village, and Mission Beach etc. Besides these, dozens of botanic garden and various theme museums are finding here and there throughout the city. All these make this city a popular tourist destination.

The USA is a very popular travel destination for travelers. We have discussed on popular and famous 10 best places here. But it is not the end here; there are many places in the USA that are famous for travel. If you want to travel internationally and locally with your little kids, I suggest you bring the best travel-friendly stroller with you.

If you are traveling to a famous place outside our list, do not forget to share your experience with us. Thank you.

“Happy Travel”