Why should you choose SleepPod service - Noi Bai Airport Hotel?

    Being put into operation and served the customers since 2014, SleepPod-model of a mini - hotel in the center of Noi Bai International Airport is being believed and used by many passengers flying the early one every day or customers picking up delay flight relatives. The Pods are ideal for passengers whose flights are delayed, canceled or unexpected situations..


                                                    Sleeppod is an ideal place for this family

We believe that the reason why customers decide to choose VATC SleepPod is based on the good comments of guest has experienced service according to the booking website as hanoiairporthotels.vn, Booking.com, Agoda, Hostelworld, Expedia...

1. A place for relaxation and entertainment for guests at the airport while waiting for flights

When there is no sleeping box service at Noi Bai International Airport, passengers (especially guest in remote provinces taking early flights), visitors waiting friends and relatives or guest having slow & cancellation flights have to go to city center or few hotels/ motels near the airport in the Phu Minh village, Quang Tien village ... This is quite inconvenient especially in the rush hour or severe weather situation. If it goes well, it will take about 45 minutes to return to Hanoi center.

                            why should you choose sleeppod service - hotel in Noi Bai Airport

                                                                             Hotel in Noi Bai Airport

Since the Sleeppod was put into operation, passengers who take early flights will do not worry about a place to sleep and the inconvenience of having to get up early, checking luggage and calling a taxi to move the airport if they are far from the airport.

If you stay at the airport, you just need only 3-5 minutes to move from VATC SLEEPPOD to the ticket check in counters. The receptionist will wake you up on time to ensure that you do not miss your flight. This is really handy, isn’t it?


Thanks to the location of center Noi Bai Airport, you can easily find the airport's other facilities such as ATM, restaurant, souvenir, tourist information desk, aviation brand, lost luggage rooms, medicine, bus, taxi, etc …

2. The flexible price

You can book rooms by the hour or by day (24 hours) in website - hanoiairporthotels.vn. Unlike other booking sites, you can save money when book rooms with hanoiairporthotels.vn because we apply the half hour rate for booking system by the hour and when you buy a full-day package (cost is equivalent to the room rate of 5 hours stay) you are entitled to use 24 hours instead of 22 hours as the other hotels (usually the other hotels apply the check-in time at 2.00 pm, and check-out time at 12.00 noon).

 For the daily price, please visit our website www.hanoiairporthotels.vn and fill the necessary information.

For details of VATC SleepPod prices and the latest promotions, please click here.

                                  why should you choose sleeppod service - hotel in Noi Bai Airport

Furthermore, if you use the cards issued by banks such as Vietinbank, PVcombank, VP Bank ..., you can get 10% discount of the payment through POS at the front desk.

With the flexible price policy of VATC SleepPod, you just buy for yourself a time insurance package with a lot of benefits for each trip or your business.

3. Attentive and Dedicated Service

Hotel at Noibai Airport opens 24/7 and 365days/year.
Our receptionists are always ready to serve to help you rest, relax and get the best sleep.

                            why should you choose sleeppod service - hotel in Noi Bai Airport

Sleeping box covers about 4m2 and 3m high, was designed and produced carefully with modern magnetic locking system, but gives a feeling of closeness, warm and friendly with material from high-grade wood. Although Sleeppod has a small space, but is equipped fully elegant widgets to gives visitors the most relaxing moments.

In each Sleepbox, there are entertainment devices and other basic items of a mini hotel as beds, wardrobes, blankets, sheets, cushions, clothes hangers, phone, wifi, alarm clock, books ... Besides, visitors using VATC SleepPod also are served free drinks and snacks.

                               why should you choose sleeppod service - hotel in Noi Bai Airport

4. Many discount vouchers for other services at Noi Bai Airport

Due to the cost of mining at the airport quite expensive, most of the products and services are sold at airports higher than the same products outside, usually higher than 20 - 40%. Understanding the worries about the budget of clients we have cooperated with a number of restaurants in the airport to get the best price for customers of VATC SleepPod.

When you use the SleepPod service, you can save your money (from 10-15%) on each invoice of services at Ngoc Suong restaurant and Confetti restaurant. To see the Double benefit, please come here.

                       why should you choose sleeppod service - hotel in Noi Bai Airport

                                                               Voucher 15% off at Confetti Restaurant

                      why should you choose sleeppod service - hotel in Noi Bai Airport

                                                    Voucher 10% off at Hải Cảng Restaurant

In addition, we also have a website selling souvenirs, gifts, regional specialties of Vietnam (www.quatangluuniem.biz) with quality and cheaper price than others shop at the airport. Just call hotline phone, pay for the purchase through the website, we will ship your order before your flight procedures.

5. Diversity of promotion

Noibai airport hotel frequently has promotions for the customer as “Daily free service experience from 12:00 to 13:00”, “Buy 3 hours get 1 hour free”, “Special deal on Wednesday”...

For updated the promotion of VATC SleepPod, please visit our website:  hanoiairporthotels.vn.

                            why should you choose sleeppod service - hotel in Noi Bai Airport

6. Diversity of Booking channels

To book a room at Hotel Noi Bai Airport, you can visit the website https://hanoiairporthotels.vn or call the hotline (+84 983798 833) or directly contact the Receptionist in Airports for assistance.

In addition, we also sell rooms on the prestigious websites as Agoda. Booking.com, Expedia, MyTour, Hostelworld, Ixigo, Safarinow, iVIVU, ... However, we still recommend that you should use the website – hanoiairporthotels.vn to book rooms to get a lot of incentives (on room rates, gifts, other promotions) that the OTA channel does not have.

To find a room on the hotel booking website, you just type in the keyword "Sleep Pod" or "VATC" for searching the Noibai Airport Hotel.

Let see some pictures of the customers who have booked an airport hotel with us:


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