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      Vietnam’s rich tapestry of ancient cultures, diverse & friendly people, spectacular landscapes, together with beautiful beaches make it one of Asia’s most desirable destinations. The vibrant colours, natural beauty, chaos and splendour create new experiences and adventures every day. Your senses will come alive as you walk though Hanoi’s bustling streets, visit the mystical villages of around Sapa or sail around through the majestical Halong Bay. Vietnam's people, sights, food and history keep even the most seasoned traveller coming back for more.

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        Shrugging off the legacy of its turbulent past, the country has improved its infrastructure dramatically in recent years and a new generation of hotels are springing up all over the country making visits to Vietnam both not only exhilarating and but also comfortable.

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Why you should visit Viet Nam?

1. Vietnam - Heritage

         Amongst the thousands of interesting places in Vietnam, there are a total of 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, in recent years these sites have brought many curious tourists to Vietnam. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites include:

  • Halong Bay - listed in 1994
  • Phong Nha Ke Bang - listed in 2003
  • Hue Complex of Monuments - listed in 1993
  • Hoi An Ancient Town - listed in 1999
  • My Son Sanctuary - listed in 1999
  • Thang Long Imperial Citadel -listed in 2010
  • Ho Dynasty Citadel- listed in 2011 
  • Trang An Landscape Complex - listed in 2014

        As well as these 8 World Heritage Sites, there are a myriad of other non-listed heritage sites and experiences that will pleasantly surprise you even further.

2. Vietnam - People

       Everywhere you go in Vietnam, you will be welcomed by smiles and kindness from the locals. From the cities to the countryside, you will be greeted by happy faces.

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3. Vietnam – Cuisine

         The spectrum of Vietnamese dishes is surprisingly refined and diverse for such a small country. Every city -- often each village -- has its own unique local specialties.

         The cheapest place to encounter authentic Vietnamese cuisine is in a one of the many traditional open-air markets. Here the most delicious single-dishes are served, the stalls mostly run by women, offer finely crafted delights passed down from generation to generation, mother to daughter.

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4. Vietnam – Safe 

      Vietnam is generally a safe country for visitors, including lone women travellers. Despite the country’s association with a violent history, visitors today are pleasantly surprised at the warm and secure welcome they receive. As in any country there is some petty crime  – though it’s relatively small–scale and shouldn’t be a problem if you adopt normal precautions. Generally, the worst problem you will encounter is a pushy vendor.

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5. Vietnam – Affordable

        Vietnam has been a well-known destination amongst budget travellers for many years. Though prices are now climbing, it is still much cheaper than travelling on other continents. There is still something to suit every wallet: a 5 star resort in Da Nang will cost you an equivalent amount to a 3 star hotel near JFK airport. For the lower end of the market, there are plenty of hostels and guest-houses in every city. Food costs remain low and despite being cheap the price, street foods are among the best in the world. So even today in the big metropolitan areas like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, it is still possible to get by on just $15 a day!

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6. Vietnam – A Coffee Giant

       Many are now familiar with the unique taste of Vietnamese coffee, a signature drink where the coffee is mixed with sweetened condensed milk. Enjoy a cup of black coffee (ca phe den) or iced coffee with condensed milk (ca phe sua da) and watch life go by on a corner of the street. Your coffee enjoyment will be part of your fulfilling experience in Vietnam that will never be forgotten.

      Vietnam is now the second largest coffee producing nation in the world and the likelihood is that the instant coffee you drink at home originated in Vietnam.

7. Vietnam – Beaches

     Vietnam had long been over-shadowed by its near-neighbours namely Thailand, Malaysia and Bali as a destination for beach holidays in South East Asia. Now Vietnams time has come, a profusion of completely secluded luxury beach hotels and resorts often with private beachfronts and perfect peace and tranquillity has firmly secured Vietnam’s position as a foremost beach holiday destination of choice.

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8. Vietnam - Fast and easy entry

        Vietnam is now a truly open country and welcomes travellers and business people alike. Up to now, Vietnam allows nationals of 23 countries to enter Vietnam without a visa for varying time periods, most of the countries being members of the ASEAN. Citizens of the following 23 countries do not require a visa to visit Vietnam, namely the Belarus, Brunei, Cambodia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italia, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Norway, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Thailand and United Kingdom.

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         Getting a visa for Vietnam is a very straightforward process. Rather than visiting a Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate for a visa, there is a new way to obtain a visa for Vietnam that is simple and easy. Prior to arriving in Vietnam you can obtain a "Visa approval letter" for a visa upon arrival in Vietnam at one of several International Airports (Tan Son Nhat Int'l airport in Ho Chi Minh City, Noi bai Int'l airport in Hanoi city or Danang Int'l airport in Danang city).

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       With simple processes for getting a Vietnam visa, why you don’t you take a trip to Vietnam to discover the hidden charm of a beautiful country and friendly people now.

If you only have time to explore one country in Southeast Asia, choose VIETNAM!




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