Hotel closest Hanoi Airport - VATC SleepPod Facility Usage

Let’s explore how amazingly SleepPod supplies us…..

Firstly, we must mention smart magnetic key card system because of its modernity and convenience. The key usage is perfectly simple because you just show the key card in front of the magnetic eyes on the door, then put it into the lock to active the whole electric system inside. What a smart and convenient key!

                      Facility usage inside sleeppod - hotel near hanoi airport                 

                                                                  Smart magnetic key system

Walking inside, you can see a stable TV and digital receiver being hung on the wall. The Digital TV My Tv shows you more 200 channels to watch various local and international programs such as hottest film, sport, news, music, etc.

                      Facility usage inside sleeppod - hotel near hanoi airport

                                                                          TV inside SleepPod

You can easily use this simple TV as well:

Step 1: Please turn on LG TV by pressing the Power button on the black remote or pressing directly the button below TV then waiting for 10 seconds until it is on.

Step 2: Choose your suitable language. From the home screen you choose“ The Selfcare” and press OK on the remote. In Selfcare list, choose Themes Change. After that, pressing the right button, the down on or the up one to choose your suitable language.

Step 3: Please press the right, left, dow, up button on the white remote to choose an application in My Tv such as Information, show, or entertainment.

Step 4: Finally, you can choose your favorite channels, an  applications and press OK and enjoy your time.

Now see what special things we supply more!?

You can see from the picture below and guess what we have more. That is a mini air-conditioner. The conditioner is put carefully inside a box to decrease the made noise for your best comfrontation.

                       Facility usage inside sleeppod - hotel near hanoi airport

                                                  Mini airconditioner box – Noibaiairporthotels.

The mini air-con has 4 main functions: Cooling, desiccant, humidity and air filter. And there has 3 speed levels: Strong, Medium, and Soft. The temperature may adjust with a mini remote from 17C to 30C

                       Facility usage inside sleeppod - hotel near hanoi airport

                                                                           Mini airconditioner

Moreover, we also equip SleepPod with ventilation and fan to assure maximum valentalion.

                      Facility usage inside sleeppod - hotel near hanoi airport

                                                 Cool fan inside the Pod- Noi Bai Airport Hotel.

There are so many things inside for your exploration

Inside we supply reading-book-lamp, alarm clock, wifi, telephone for your convenience. With our wake-up call service, your timeliness can be assured by receptionist or housekeeper, without fail. You can call to other room by pressing the room number as well. The accomplishments are also mentioned here with water, snack, cake, tissue, comb, etc. You will be given freely teeth-brush if you stay overnight.

We can’t forget to establish multiple-function charge inside, then you can charge your phone while relaxing inside the room. The whole facilities usages are written in the leather notebook on the box table. Additionally, you can read more information in some famous destinations, the free shuttle bus to move between 2 Terminals, or the necessary telephone number.

                       Facility usage inside sleeppod - hotel near hanoi airport

                                                                          Usage leather notebook

Voucher for other services discoutation in Noi Bai Airport

Because of the high rent cost in the airport, almost products, services here are much higher than the same ones outside. Understanding the discrepancy, especilly in restaurant, we support for our customer by dealing with some the restaurants for your best price. When you stay in SleepPod, you will be given the discount voucher with 10-15% discount off per the total receipt in Confetti and Ngoc Suong restaurant. You can find further information about this voucher in our Double Benefits.

                    Facility usage inside sleeppod - hotel near hanoi airport

                                                                 Facility benefits inside the room

If you need any support during your stay at Noi Bai Aiport Hotel, please don’t hesitate to call for receptionist by pressing number 9 or call housekeeper outside for help. We are always willing to serve you.

For further informations, please contact us:

Hotline: (+84) 983 798 833

Tel: Terminal 1 – (+84) 43 584 3636 / Terminal 2 – (+84) 43 584 3838


Website: Http://


Click here to view single room - Hanoi Airport Hotel  VATC SleepPod

Click here to view twin room - Hanoi Airport Hotel  VATC SleepPod

If your flights are unexpectedly delayed or canceled or you have to wait for your loved ones long hours, and you need a place to rest at Noi Bai International Airport, please contact VATC SleePod - Noi Bai Airport Hotel to be served.

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