Hanoi Airport Hotel VATC SleepPod - The cheapest Hotel closest to Noi Bai International Airport

Hanoi Airport Hotel VATC SleepPod - The cheapest Hotel closest to Noi Bai International Airport 


Sleep Box in the airport is a type of mini hotels that is quite popular in many countries around the world such as England, Germany, Russia, USA, Japan, Korea and China ...

In order to meet the needs and requirements of its passengers who wish to have a private space to rest, relax while waiting for connecting flights, Vietnam Aviation Tourism Company has provided Sleep Pods - A modern high quality mini hotel right within the complex of Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi.

Sleeping service - Noi Bai Airport hotel

Each SleepPod was carefully designed and manufactured to ensure all the needs were met for relaxation, sleep or entertainment. The Pod has dimensions of 4sqm width a 3m height and is equipped with basic mini hotel style items and entertainment appliances, as well as a comfortable bed with blankets, sheets, pillows being provided each Pod also has aircon, clothes hangers, a phone, wifi and an alarm clock. In addition, customers will be offered a free drink and snack whilst enjoying the service.

For more details about the gadgets in the room, please click here.

                            Sleeping service - Noi Bai Airport Hotel

                                                                       Noi Bai Airport Hotel - Facilities

Hanoi Airport Hotel is ideal for early morning flights, long scheduled transfers or unexpected situations.

Noibai Airport Hotel have totally 20 rooms located at Terminal 1(T1) and Terminal 2 (T2) of Noibai International Airport, in which:

+ Terminal 1(T1): 14 rooms including 03 single rooms and 11 twin rooms.

                           Sleeping service - Noi Bai Airport Hotel

                                             Hanoi Airport Hotel at Terminal 1 of Noibai International Airport

+ Terminal 2 (T2): 06 twin rooms

                           Sleeping service - Noi Bai Airport Hotel

             Hanoi Airport Hotel - VATC's Sleep Pods at Terminal 2 of Noibai International Airport

The price 

You can book rooms with hourly or whole day use package rates in our website - hanoiairporthotels.vn. The payment amount is calculated up to half an hour rate to avoid wastage of money for you. You even find much more benefits with our full-day package (24 hour room use) at a hire cost just equivalent to 5 hours stay. With Hanoi Airport Hotel you can check in whenever you are at Noi Bai International Airport and entitled to use 24 hours instead of 22 hours as other hotels.

We guarantee the lowest prices for our Sleep pods at Noi Bai International Airport can be found at www.hanoiairporthotels.vn. 

For details of VATC SleepPod prices and the latest promotions, please click here.

Besides, Rooms of Noi Bai Airport Hotel are also being sold at prestigious websites such as Agoda. Booking.com, Expedia, MyTour, Hostelworld, Ixigo, Safarinow, iVIVU, ... However, we still recommend you use our website https://hanoiairporthotels.vn to book rooms for deals that other booking websites do not have.

                             Sleeping service - Noi Bai Airport Hotel

                                                                 Booking display on Booking.com

                                  Sleeping service - Noi Bai Airport Hotel

                                                                       Booking display on Expedia.com


The Address of Noi Bai Airport Hotel 

Hanoi Airport Hotel VATC SleepPod has 14 rooms on Floor 3 and its front desk locates on the 2nd Floor - next to the Checking-in box 1 - Domestic Departure Terminal 1. From the reception you can walk to the elevators or use escalators to Sleep Pods on Floor 3. With this close location, it only takes about 2 minutes to move to the check-in area. It is so convenient, isn’t it?

In Terminal (Terminal 2), Noi Bai Airport Hotel VATC Sleep Pods locate on the 2nd Floor. To find the pods, you use the escalators or elevators, press number 2 (to up or down) and the pods are on the right side hand and opposite the Baggage Store.

Location of Hanoi Airport Hotel VATC SleepPod here

For further information, please contact us:

Hotline: (+84) 983 798 833

Tel: Terminal 1 – (+84) 43 584 3636 / Terminal 2 – (+84) 43 584 3838

Email: Reservation@vatc.vn

Website: Http://hanoiairporthotels.vn

Skype: vatc.online

To book a room at Hotel Noi Bai Airport, you can visit our website https://hanoiairporthotels.vn or call its hotline (0983798 833) or directly contact the Reception of VATC SleepPod at Hanoi Airport for assistance

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