Address of Hanoi Airport Hotel - VATC SleepPod

Address of Hanoi Airport Hotel - VATC SleepPod

Hanoi Airport Hotel - VATC SleepPod is your micro hotel right in the heart of Noi Bai International Airport. The Pods have been carefully designed to ensure that all the features meet your personal needs for rest, relaxation and entertainment. The VATC SleepPod is ideal for early morning flights, long scheduled transfers or unexpected situations.

Let's see how amazing the sleep pod - Hanoi airport hotel is!

View from SleepPod


Young staffs always welcome you


Air conditioner

Free set (Snack, water, cake, comb, tooth brush...)



VATC SleepPod - Terminal 1 (Domestic Terminal)

Hanoi Airport Hotel VATC SleepPod has 14 rooms on Floor 3 and its front desk locates on the 2nd Floor - next to the Checking-in box 1 - Domestic Departure Terminal 1. From the reception you can walk to the elevators or use escalators to Sleep Pods on Floor 3. With this close location, it only takes about 2 minutes to move to the check-in area. It is so convenient, isn’t it?



If you are standing in Hall E of Terminal 1 (lobby for the low-cost carrier), you can take the lift to the 2nd floor, then go along the corridor about 200 meters between the Hall A and Hall E . You will easily see VATC SLEEPPOD front desk that is next to the check-in counter number 01 of Vietnam Airlines.



                                                  Front desk in Terminal 1, Noibai International Airport



Sleep Pods on floor 3 - Domestic Terminal (Terminal 1)

VATC SleepPod - Terminal 2 (International Terminal)

In Terminal (Terminal 2), Noi Bai Airport Hotel VATC Sleep Pods locate on the 2nd Floor. To find the pods, you use the escalators or elevators, press number 2 (to up or down) and the pods are on the right side hand and opposite the Baggage Store.

Location of Hanoi Airport Hotel VATC SleepPod here


                          Location of SleepPod - Hanoi airport hotel


Location of SleepPod - Hanoi airport hotel

                                                                    Hotel in Noibai Airport, Terminal 2


To book a room at Hotel Noi Bai Airport, you can visit our website or call its hotline (0983798 833) or directly contact the Reception of VATC SleepPod at Hanoi Airport for assistance <==


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For further information, please contact us:

Hotline: (+84) 983 798 833

Tel: Terminal 1 – (+84) 43 584 3636 / Terminal 2 – (+84) 43 584 3838


Website: Http://


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